Into The River (story beginning)

(Hi, with your help this is the beginning of a novel to be written right here – real time. It will be messy, with plenty of changes and rewrites. It will have links to things you may not be expecting in a novel, like links to songs embedded where they fit in the story line…Okay, ready? Here goes…)

‘Into the River’

a novel by Sandyman Flynn, copyright  2012. All rights reserved


“…the whole front section of the arena becomes a writhing,seething mass of little girls waving their arms in the air, this mass of pink arms, it is all you can see, it is like a single colonial animal with a thousand waving pink tentacles—it is a single colonial animal with a thousand waving pink tentacles, —vibrating poison madness and filling the universe with the teeny agony torn out of them. It dawns on Kesey: it is one being. They have all been transformed into one being…

…One of the Beatles, John, George, Paul, dips his long electric guitar handle in one direction and the whole teeny horde ripples precisely along the line of energy he set off—and then in the other direction, precisely along that line. It causes them to grin, John and Paul and George and Ringo, rippling the poor huge freaked teeny beast this way and that—Control —it is perfectly obvious—they have brought this whole mass of human beings to the point where they are one, out of their skulls, one psyche, and they have utter control over them—but they don’t know what in the hell to do with it, they haven’t the first idea, and they will lose it. In Kesey the vibration is an awful anticipation of the snap—…”

–Tom Wolfe, Electric Kool-aid Acid Test

Chapter 1 – Playing with the ‘Beast

Feedback ripped through the sound system, and Eddy Lee stepped back from the microphone so the soundman could bring down the lead vocal level. His gut churned, as it often did for sound check, until he could get his guitar going on his favorite blues shuffle and set his mind back on the groove. For Eddy it is always the groove that creates the path to the Beast – and when the lights come on for Eddy Lee – it is all about playing with the Beast.

It started for Eddy when he and his band were younger guys playing the Festival of Stars in Louisville, KY for Derby Week. Twenty thousand souls were crammed into that arena, and the band was ready to break into the big time. They had held off the main act, Lynard Skynard, for two wild standing ovations – the swell and roar of the crowd becoming one voice. It was as if they were two feet off the stage as they roamed from one end to the other, with the crowd swaying with them for every move. “Hey Tommy,” Eddy leans over to the drummer and says, “They just don’t make drugs this good”. Wide grins popped out across the bandmates, as Eddy gets everyone clapping over their heads to the beat. Ah, playing with the Beast…


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